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Child Friendly Co-Pilot System
Play SNT with your young children and enjoy only giving them positive reinforcements as SNT has a zero negative impact on the main player from the co-pilot.
Ages from 3-93 years maybe even higher :)
Easy To Play Hard To Master Gameplay
A homage to great retro games Space Invaders & Galaga
With trading, upgrading, and other great features which are more suited to modern games.
Parallax Depth Art Style
SNT uses parallax art style to simulate depth in our space field. We use an orthographic camera to replicate a retro game style however orthographic camera is a flat camera so depth has to be achieved by using parallax style.
Sofa Play Friendly UI Design
Our UI has been designed from the ground up to support gamepad support from a distance on a sofa using a large tv screen as it suits our co-pilot mode for parent and child to play the game.

SNT Our Focus And Core Design

We are creating a game for Parents/Carers to bond with their Children, This focus is driven by the belief that bonding over a game can last a life time at bringing the two players together if the bonding was highly positive in the game. This potentially could enable troubled children to open up and talk to their adults in times of need.
SNT Designer David G is a gamer but also a father and has dreamed about bringing a game that creates bonding for many ages and reduces game arguing, our co-pilot can only positively impact on the main player and the joint purpose/goal are features that should drive bonding.
Multiple Waves

Great Simple Gameplay

Fight through multiple waves of enemies to try and gain as many resources as you are able to before you are forced to repair.
If you cannot afford to repair you are forced to retire. Our Gathering Resources section of our game is similar to the turn button on turn based games but much more fun.
Custom Skins

Many Custom Skins

Unlock custom skins for your ships and give the game a more personal style and feel.
Work Together or Alone

Solo & Co-Op

Play on your own or gain a co-pilot to work with and work towards a common goal.
Battle Boards

Competitive Play

Our Unique leaderboard's style "BattleBoards" add an extra level of fun and competition to Space N Traders
Evil Empire

4 Evil Empire Factions

Different enemy ships to battle on each world a bomber and a fighter. Attack a Boss Battlecruiser on each world(first boss battle), Then progress and attack the Boss Battleship from each enemy faction. After this progress and attack the Dreadnought end Boss to save the planets and recolonize your species.


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